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I was born in Bergen in 1956, and stayed there until I was 5 years old.  Then the family moved to Søfteland Os.  We played in the woods, made rafts and paddled out on Vindal water.  We dismantled old wrecked cars and using the parts, we added equipment to our wooden cars.  Using a flashlight at night, we would make an apple run to search for apples. We also created mazes and caves in the hay piles at plant school.  We were lucky to have a large playground, promoting imagination and creativity.


I draw and paint on many types of materials such as canvas, burlap and stone.  It may be cabaret material, nature pictures, caricatures or cartoons.  I created a website and with pc stock I made business cards, wine labels and brochures.  However, most time I prefer to express myself with a brush and pencil.  I am very  fond of creating crafts indoors, but also enjoy creative crafts outside the house.  I love gardening and use mortar edging to keep the soil in place.  I molded steps, a created a pond for carp and a pond with water plants.  I also created a walkway around the house using shale rocks.




In the photo above I am busy decorating stones. The stones have a label on the back with my contact information and this also shows you have an original painting by Rita Ripman.

To reduce damage on surfaces the stones come in contact with I attach felt on the bottom of them.

I also varnish the stones to protect them from sun and rain.

The images i have used are transferred to prints which are then used on pillows, bags and t-shirts.


Eksempler på hva jeg kan tilby

Next came the greenhouse, field chickens, ducks and cats.  There is a terrace for barbequing and a playground.  Here you can find peace to paint, read, play or just enjoy nature. This is

and has been a place of creativity and relaxing vacation days.  Fjordside Lodge provides many amenities for the guests.

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