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Did you know we have our own magical garden?

This adventure started with some old trees in my garden. The trees I grew up with had grown up with my grandparents when they were young. Family and trees had lived their lives side by side for many years. When such family trees grow old, they can turn into trolls instead of old stumps.


And that was exactly what happened right outside the house, in my garden! The garden is located by the fjord and here a whole fjord troll kingdom grew up. Family and trolls lived side by side for many years without knowing each other. Well, like other truths, this is not entirely true, either As long as there were some in the family who believed in fairy tales, a little bit of everything happened.

There were miracles, curses, infatuation and even troll children! This happened right outside the door and in the immediate environment of a completely ordinary family. To understand what happened, you must get to know Fred For this adventure begins with curious Fred who ventures out of the Fjord Troll Kingdom.

There he meets some children who come from the human kingdom. Fred goes on a voyage of discovery in Åsane and all the way to the other side of town. For a troll who has never been anywhere other than in the Fjord Troll Kingdom with his father and brother, this becomes very scary. How Fred eventually becomes a hero and manages to lift an old curse, you can read about in this book. The adventure is suitable for children and adults of all ages.


The adventure spreads information about the local environment in a fun way.

Here you can get to know your surroundings, just by following in Fred's footsteps.

An English version has also been made aimed at visitors and foreign speakers.

The tourism industry will be able to benefit and enjoy this edition.


Greetings grandmother Rita

Historien om trollet
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